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A Distinguished Experience

About Us

IGP Business Group is a real estate company with a wide range portfolio in retail and entertainment centers. With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, IGP was founded in 2013 with a mission to own, manage and redevelop retail properties nationwide in the United States. 

Founded with the belief that supporting local communities surrounding our retail centers builds loyal customers is an integral part of IGP's success. Over the years, IGP has developed strong ties to partnerships and local programs, creating community awareness and support for each retail center.

The rapid advance of technology and the growing influence of the millennial generation, among other trends, have created both new challenges and opportunities for shopping center owners. In this new era, the creation of entertainment experiences and play are essential in enhancing a shopping mall's competitive edge. 

We Are...


Property ownership, management, development, revenue generation


From California to Pennsylvania, from Florida to Kansas


Own and manage various production and manufacturing facilities all over the world


Commercial retail, family entertainment, hospitality, construction, advertising


We take a relationship-oriented approach which creates an outstanding environment for our employees, retailers and investors


We strive to incorporate elements into our day-to-day operations and explore ways to foster energy efficiency, conserve natural resources and reduce waste

Our Shopping Mall Portfolio

Moreno Valley Mall, California

Built in 1992 , Moreno Valley Mall occupies 87 acres and is conveniently located off  I-60. Approximately 125,000 cars a day drive by the mall on the I-60. 

Moreno Valley Mall is an enclosed two-level shopping center that houses a state-of-the-art theater with 16 screens and stadium style seating and is home to national retailers. It draws a wide range of clientele from over 5 counties including; San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Oviedo Mall, Florida

With a total retail square feet of 954,000, Oviedo Mall ranks second in the TOP 5 of Most Shoppers of Central Florida retail centers in areas with the highest total population.  

Oviedo Mall has more residents located within 5 miles of the center with a HHI of $77,964 - $88,334 than any of the other retail centers within 5-10-mile radius.  

Central Mall Salina, Kansas

Central Mall is located in Salina, Kansas within Salina County, a designated regional trade center as it has the third highest retail trade pull factor for all Kansas counties, according to the Kansas State University Extension Economic Department.  

The property features one enclosed level of 486,444 sq. ft. of prime retail space with 50 stores. 

Our Entertainment Brands

District Eat & Play

District Eat & Play is an original entertainment concept developed by IGP. With it’s first location in Oviedo Mall, Oviedo FL, set to open Summer of 2018, this 26,000 SF complex will encompass a number of different experiences.  

 Redeveloped to meet the needs of the Oviedo, FL community, District Eat & Play will feature a restaurant, bar, entertainment stage, Boutique Bowling, arcade, 4 escape rooms and a number of rooms available for private parties, meetings and conferences.

Arcadia Kid's Fun Museum

Arcadia Kid’s Fun Museum is another original concept by IGP. This fun filled kid’s museum is designed for kids ages 1 to 12 and features a number of exhibits. The first of it’s kind in Central Florida, Arcadia is not your typical museum.  All of the exhibits have been designed to provide a hands-on learning experience. The exhibits include: Water play, Veterinarian’s office, grocery store, dinner, gas station, the science of bubbles, a construction site, and more. 

Arcadia also offers a number of event rooms for private parties that can also convert into additional attractions when not booked. The first Arcadia Kid’s Fun Museum opened it’s door at Oviedo Mall, in Oviedo, Florida February of 2018. This flexible concept works in spaces as little as 5,000 sq. ft, and can offer a wide array of exhibits. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Development is currently underway for Arcadia Kid’s Fun Museum in other properties around the US.  

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